Ebola Scare

EBOLA!! EBOLA!!! EBOLA!!!!  A deadly disease that there is no cure for it. Where did it come from? Was it manufactured or did it come from a rapid animal or poisonous plant?

I applaud the medical staff willing to volunteer to help out in  Africa and other places where the disease has spread. They are very brave souls. They have the training and expertise to help those folks with the disease.

But to flippantly disregard basic practices to quarantine themselves when they come back home, wherever that is, and to ensure their health has not been infected by the disease. I complain about folks at work who come in, coughing and sneezing. I ask them, ‘Please go home and take care of yourself.” No reason to be at work and give your cold others.

It is true that medical folks are the worst patient. They do not follow their own advice to sick people. I understand and fully support that every person has the right to their own freedom but not to the point where your disregard in spreading a disease affects others. Anybody, including the Presidents and Head of States should be quarantined for the expected 21-days.

Seeing TV people ‘chasing’ or running after the nurse who filed an injunction to be allowed to be ‘free’ are most likely getting the disease, assuming of course that the nurse was infected with Ebola. So if I get the disease, can I file a lawsuit against that nurse for being stupid?

Please someone tell what is wrong with this picture. A very deadly disease and the US transports the infected people back to the US and across the country for treatment.

Here come Zombieland!!

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Bob Filner

Ok, San Diego has suffered another blow, um, another issue with a lawsuit against Bob Filner. When does he pay for his sins and ignorance for being a loser and all round d-head. Bob Filner should be paying for the lawsuit, not us who live, work, and try to survive. Why doesn’t San Diego step up to the plate and jail the bastard. I heard he spent 90-days Community service. What service did he provide? He should be collected trash on highways with a big-o sign stating “I am a d-head”.  Or have him sleep on the streets.

I recently drove along Highway 163 near downtown. I have lived in Southern California for many years, moved to Arizona for a job, moved back to California, but never visited the downtown area. I saw what looked like landscaping along the 163 near the Zoo and right before you get to downtown. I had a house now an apartment. What can I say, I live and work to survive. Knowing there is a drought, I saw the City Workers – Caltrans – installing sprinklers, yes, sprinklers, along the roads. I am confused about the drought. Where does San Diego plan to get the water and pay for it? Oh, I forgot, from my taxes. I paid for Bob Filner now I am paying for sprinklers. I guess I will need to stop using cable TV now.

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Getting Fired for not Paying Your Taxes

Ever since the American Public heard about the wasteful spending by the Federal Government, articles are slowly flowing from the media. Such an article discusses a recent Bill, yes, an actual Bill has come out of Congress/House/Senate committee.

The Washington Post published this article “House passes bill that would fire federal workers who are seriously delinquent in paying taxes“ on July 31. Basically, if you are a Government employee who is behind in their taxes and you really do not want to pay those taxes, you can get fired. But if you are working toward paying off the taxes, then you may be safe from unemployment.

It seems to be a wonderful tactic to force folks, at least government workers, to pay their taxes. But the article states “government employees”. I am not sure but Are Congress, Senate, House representatives considered “government employees”? If so, should this Bill be applied to them also.

The article points out a few agencies that are delinquent on their taxes. “Nearly 6.5 percent of the employees at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics — which enforces ethics laws, but yet had the worst compliance rate among federal agencies.” Lets’ see, OGE, not sure if this is the acronym, enforces the policies that other government employees must follow relating to fraud and abuse. I guess no one ever read the fine print – “OGE employees are exempt from this stupid law”.

Further in the article “Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., said the bill was unnecessary, because the IRS can levy penalties of up to 15 percent of wages until the tax debt is satisfied.”. Rep. Maloney, the U.S. is in debt. The U.S. cannot pay their debt. Do you really expect the IRS to put a levy on unpaid taxes? The IRS can put %100 or %1000 penalty but who is going to collect the darn unpaid taxes. City government can’t get motorists to pay for speeding tickets.

President Obama cannot get the bailout money from AIG, GoldSachs, or any country having our debt. THINK, Rep. Maloney.

Back to our political representatives – how many have you not paid your taxes? What about your responsibility and accountability to represent us. Lets’ expand the search for people who have not paid their taxes or debts. Hey, lets’ search for people who unlawfully walk across the middle of the street. Watch out jay walkers, sky walkers, and day walkers alike. You may be next!!

GoldSachs. Left out the “man” since their is no real men in the company. Spineless people. Company is Gold Sachs).

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You Didn’t Get Here on Your Own

A recent NBCNEWS.COM article titled “Obama campaign raises $46M in June; Romney takes in $33M“ raised my eyebrows – Where does this money come from? The presidential campaign should be turned into a “help the American economy” campaign and put those dollars to increase jobs. I will bet you that no one ever realized that Obama and Mitt were better organizers for donations. Why can’t Obama do this while in the White House – raise money for a more worthy cause to improve the American economy? Is it easier to raise money for himself than for others?

Both President Obama and Mittt have used the same statement in the presidential campaign “You did not get here by yourself”. This is very true. A small business received help from a bank or other money institution to build their business. Where did the bank get that money? Well, from its’ customers who put their savings to help their families. Where did the customers get the money to put into a bank? Well, through jobs that they were paid to perform work for a company. So, there is a “What Goes Around – Comes Around”. Thank you, President Obama and Mitt for saying a rare but true statement.

As an American, I did not fully realize that someone helped me to get where I am today. My parents, sibling, friends, and neighbors had a hand in helping me become the person I am. Man, that is a profound statement – You Didn’t Get here Solely on Your Own”.

Well, President Obama and Mitt Romney (had to start using your last name), you didn’t get here solely on your own!!! Lets’ see, JP Morgan donated $400k to each of you. So did other huge financial institutions. Did they ask for favors? The people who helped me provided courage, love, patience, and did so because they DID NOT expect something in return. They did it for the right reason – integrity and commitment.

What did JP Morgan provide to you? Maybe a favor to look the other way, so that, if JP Morgan loses a $2 Billion investment, there would be no repercussions. Or a favor to create a job position in the Government where JP Morgan can advise the president on financial matters. AIG and Goldman Sachs people are advising the president. Didn’t both of them have financial issues or blunders? Oh, I remember now, President Obama bailed them out. Wow, Goldman Sachs advising the president to bailout themselves out by the taxpayers. I wondered how the President analyzed this situation. Wait for it. The decision is on the tip of my tongue. Heck, its’ not my money. Sure, Goldman Sachs, take the money.

OK. I am getting off the subject.

Basic rule of thumb – someone had a hand in helping you get where you are now. So, work together and improve the American economy. WHY? If the taxpayers stop paying taxes, Obama, Mitt, and others will be out of a job. Stop the BS and show the American people that you are leaders and and … the first one to get Congress moving their fat butt wins the golden seat.

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I Should Have Been a Political Aide

President Obama has expanded the very small group of top aides who are given the privilege of taxpayer-funded personal drivers who take them from their house to work and back home again each day. The Bush White House did not give the same privileges to any of its political advisers, according to former Bush administration officials. There is a record of the Clinton White House doing so once for two months, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod have been given the luxurious and prestigious perk of being picked up at their homes and driven to work or around town throughout the day in government vehicles chauffeured by military drivers, according to a list of those given the benefit provided to The Daily Caller by the White House. What the heck, Valerie and David are senior advisers to the president, but still, can’t they drive themselves.

But, but, ..political aides are the work horses of government. They prepare briefs and reports, conduct research, interact with constituents, draft legislation and keep their boss informed. Political aides are loyal, tight-lipped, smart and savvy. Aides do the work that Congress and Senates should be doing.

Now, Sacramento (located in California) wants to give raises to their political aides. Raises, what raises, no one told me about raises. Where I work, I have not received a raise for several years. I think I am an OK person, working hard to complete my tasks, being nice to people, Well, maybe I was not nice to that Project Manager last year.

Where does this extra money come from, Governor Brown? I had to look up the governors’ name since I could not remember who was in office. I hope you are not expecting the voters to approve Bond X? Watch out California voters – you may be paying for those raises. You may already be providing for those raises now, but the Governor needs a way to reimburse the pool money through another Bond X.

How about cutting your salary Gov. Brown and other “statesman” of California to pay for the raises? Statesman refers to a politician or notable public figure that has had a long and respected career at the national or international level.

Oops, my mistake. I misread the definition – “Long and respected career”. There are not many statesmen living today. Maybe there are more “stateswomen” than “statesmen”. I will have to look it up on the Internet. But back to what I am trying to say – decrease your salary to pay for the aides raises.

Maybe I don’t understand that aides should get a raise. They do everything – take crap from their bosses, do the work of the bosses, and never get recognition from their bosses.

Hmm, sounds like the hard working 99%.

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Closing Border Patrol Stations

This article “ http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2012/07/6-border-patrol-stations-closing-in-texas/” talks about the closing of several U.S. Border Patrol stations.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman Bill Brooks said the interior stations that will be shut are in some instances hundreds of miles from a border. He said the decision is in keeping with a strategy to use resources wisely and “increasingly concentrate our resources on the border.”

But the Federation for American Immigration Reform said the interior stations are a needed “second line of defense” to track down and apprehend illegal immigrants who make it past international borders and into heavily traveled corridors in the United States.

There will be a budget savings of $1.3 million a year when the nine posts are closed, according to Brooks. OK. I can understand saving $1.3 million a year on using resources wisely. Some very strong words – using resources wisely.

    Do resources refer to natural resources?
    Coal, oil and natural gas are used to provide electricity and to power vehicles. There is an abundance of solar, wind, and thermal energy that is free, renewable and sustainable.
    Do resources refer to people?
    No one is hiring and people are getting laid off.

So, the President states that “interior stations” need to be closed to bring the personnel closer to the real border. And that these “interior stations” are no longer needed. The “interior stations” were used as a secondary band to stop people who get past the first band. Think of concentric circles or a dartboard. Several circles surrounding the very middle. The situation is that people who gets past the outer circle may be stopped by the “interior stations” located in the second circle. If not stopped, then “interior stations” located in the 3rd circle, etc. The actions are to stop people getting to the inner most circle. Close the “interior stations” and put the personnel along the most outer circle.

Lets’ look at this issue slightly different:

Washington, D.C. is surrounded by three circles of defense. To save money, personnel will be relocated to the outer circle only. Oops, someone got passed me, oh well, Washington, D.C. look out. We missed one.

This is NOT logical. You need several circles to defend the United States. This is why Minutemen were helping to defend the U.S. along Texas and Arizona borders. I hope we learned from the Old West – Indians circling the wagon and the Calvary hunkered down in a straight line. History changed by several lines of rifles to defend a fort. Come on, guys!!!

I went to the Border Patrol/U.S. Customs” website to find the locations of Border Patrol Stations. I read about the various sectors and why they were formed:

The Ramey Border Patrol Sector is the newest of the twenty-one Sectors spread out across the United States. Encompassing the U.S. territorial islands of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, it is the only Border Patrol Sector located outside the continental United States. The Sector’s entire border area is made up of coastline and its area of responsibility is made up of some 6,000 square miles of land and water area, including the twelve-mile band of territorial water surrounding the Islands.

The Ramey Sector was established in 1987 to combat the rising tide of illegal aliens arriving from the Dominican Republic located some 90 miles to the west on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti. Citizens and government officials alike expressed great concern in the mid-1980s to the rising tide of illegal aliens. In those days only one immigration agent from the San Juan District immigration office was tasked with processing aliens apprehended by local authorities in the western area of the island.

So, President, should the circles of defense protecting the National Capital be all re-located to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands to defend against the tide of illegal immigrants. But wait, why is the Border Patrol in Puerto Rico? Looking at a map, Puerto Rico is outside the circle of defense.

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The Fear Within Us

Last May, the Greeks withdrew almost $900 million from banks thinking that the country would run out of cash if Greece returned to the drachma and not to the European currency.

The fear is:

    1. How does this affect the U.S?
    2. How will the U.S. respond and how does this response affect average citizens?
    3. What can an individual do to protect themselves and family?

Several banking sources told Reuters similar amounts had also been withdrawn on Tuesday. Nevertheless, there was no sign of panic or queues at bank branches in Athens on Wednesday. Bankers dismissed suggestions that a bank run was looming.

If a multitude of individuals withdraw money, it is considered a run on the bank;
If other banks withdraw money, it is considered a system failure;
If JP Morgan Chase withdraws (or loses) money, it is considered another bailout.

What can be done to stop having our tax money used without representation to bailout other companies, and now countries?

Hey, with no tax money, the government can not spend what they do not have. Stop paying taxes. Oops, Government is already spending money they do not have. Heck, the states,cities, and the consumers are spending money that they do not have. We are SOL. Keep printing money, my dear government. I have some monopoly money sitting in the closet. Will that help?

Many are looking at the possibility that Athens issues IOUs to meet salaries and key service bills for a fixed period, much in the way California did during its budget crunch in 2009 when it issued ‘registered warrants’ with a coupon in place of dollar salaries and which banks then accepted for cash. Why not? If California used ‘registered warrants’ in 2009, Greece can do it in 2012. Is California better off three years later?

What if the consumer starts issuing ‘registered warrants’ or IOUs when they spend their money? What’s that, the consumer is already doing this for the last 50 years. Yea, man, where have you been, in the 60s? Well, my brain is in the 60s but my .. I just had a brain fart.

What was the question? Oh, you were talking about CREDIT. The way consumers purchase something with a piece of plastic and “promise” to pay with real money. Just think, we are using plastic to purchase things. I remember playing monopoly and thinking that was real money. It is strange that the game of monopoly applies to the real world.

How fast can Government print money – worthless money, that is? Let’s see, in 24 hours, 10 print machines, all that special ink and paper, …. hmm, my math is a bit off, but it would be much cheaper and faster if everyone printed their own money.

Thought for the day: Can governments print money fast enough to cover the daily debt that we are all going into? The California debt is “http://www.usdebtclock.org/state-debt-clocks/state-of-california-debt-clock.html“.

There is a forecast that a “Grexit” (Greek Exit) would cost the Eurozone governments alone $300 billion, pushing the whole European economy – which narrowly avoided entering recession by recording exactly zero quarterly growth – into a crisis not seen since the 1930s. And IIF (Institute for International Finance) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) is taking this lightly? No wonder why the world is in such a fine mess.

The three stooges, or is it the G8 or G10, are the idiots. As long as the corporation CEOs are making money, who the heck gives a flying f#### about the other guy.

Global financial institutions have a $536 million exposure to Greek debt, according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund, although almost all is borne by France, Germany and other key European economies.

Wow, we have something in common with the Europeans. $536 million is not that bad.

The U.S., aka U.S. financial institutions, have an exposure of $2 billion to JP Morgan Chase debt. According to CEO Dimon from the I Don’t Care, It’s Not My Money (IDCINMM) fund, although almost all is borne by the U.S. taxpayers, U.S. taxpayers, and other key U.S. taxpayers.

CEO Dimon was later heard to say that “JP Morgan Chase will still make money with this $2 billion loss”. Besides, this is just a drop in a bucket in using other peoples’ money. We can and will do things our way knowing that the President will provide aid to us. We cannot go wrong.

Who runs, I mean, ruins this country?
– president, corporate CEOs, foreign countries, aka, the 1%?

Who supports this country?
– taxpayers, aka, the 99%.

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Changing Kids in Parks & Beaches

While driving home, I passed this park. As I stopped for the red light, I glanced to my right to see the park and if there were any activities going on. I saw children playing and several folks playing Frisbee. As the light turned green, I saw a child being undressed by his parents. I turned back to the traffic and thought that was a strange sight. I did not see anything and it was forgotten for a few days. Over the next weekend, I was walking along the beach and saw another family changing the clothes of their children from their wet bathing suits to some dry clothes. The children looked about 8-9 years old. The majority of the times I would not talk with the family. I do what most people do – walk away with disgust. This time I walked up to the parents and told them that the people around you can see the naked child. I suggested wrapping a towel around the child. The parents were nice enough to say “Thank You” but they continued changing the clothes in full view of the people surrounding them.

Is this wrong to have your child ‘exposed’ in public areas? I realize younger children have their clothes changed anywhere and anytime. Am I old-fashioned? Is there a line between changing your children clothes and exposing children?

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U.S. Debt Problems – Medicare

Can the U.S. cut back on a trillion dollars in spending?

That is the “million dollar” question, or should I say “trillion dollar” question. In politics, the easiest thing to do is to cut Medicare, Education, and Parks & Recreation. Let’s start with Medicare.

In believe in getting rid of Medicare, restructure it, and start over again. The patients should continue getting health care but ALL doctors, hospitals and insurance companies should be cut off. This is where the majority of the fraud occurs. It only takes one person in the medical field and an insurance company to steal the money. The recent news about a Texas doctor (http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/feds-say-texas-doctor-ran-375-million-medicare-scam/2012/02/28/gIQAkoTOgR_story.html) and five owners of home health-care agencies were arrested Tuesday on charges that they fraudulently billed Medicare and Medicaid nearly $375 million in what authorities described as the largest case of its kind.

President Obama wants to bring down the cost of health care. But before you do anything, Mr. President, you need to clean house. Close those businesses down, revoke all licenses, and have them pay back what they stole. Take their assets and sell them. We don’t need a lengthy and costly trial. Heck, there are from Texas, hang em’ high?

Another news article from the Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/91-charged-with-medicare-fraud-across-us/2011/09/07/gIQApV7DAK_story.html) discussed that over 70 people were caught in a Medicare fraud case.

An excerpt from the article states “The health-care overhaul law, President Obama’s signature domestic initiative, is an issue in the presidential campaign, but few have questioned the need to crack down on fraud.” Say what? “Few have questioned the need to crack down on fraud.” This disturbs me. I understand to make money you need to spend money. And to catch abusers of the system, it takes money. Well, make it a law that law enforcement can now use the money they seize during investigations can be used to prosecute the accused.

Do the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team need more people? Hire those thousands of medical students looking for a job. In exchange for paying off the student loans, the medical students could get paid at lower salary for 2 years and help the government with the fraud and abuse cases. Where do lawyers get legal help?. They find the legal assistants and new lawyers out of college.

I hope the next President continues this fight over Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

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Tax Evaders

During my annual cleanup of old magazines and newspaper, I came across an article in the USA Today, dated Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009. I think the only reason this newspaper was kept because of this article. The article is about tax evaders and their use of offshore accounts to hide assets. The article is about Jeffrey Chernick who hid assets totaling about $8 million. Yes, that is $8 million dollars.

Apparently, Chernick was filing a false tax return which may result in 3 years of prison and about $250k fine. Hmm, he was able to sneak in checks totaling $280k per year for several years from Hong Kong to US.

I had to find out more on this person. I found this website when searching for “Jeffrey Chernick”, http://thevileplutocrat.com/bile/profile/jeffrey_p._chernick/. Whatever happened to him? Did he pay back the back taxes, fines, etc?

Why does the IRS spend millions to prosecute Chernick and fine him $250,000 for hiding $8 million dollars? Where is the justice?

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